Are your customers campaigning for you?

We can’t get away from it. Networks are investing nearly 1/3 of their time talking about it. Debates have started. From parades, meetings in local diners and handshakes at State Fairs. Yes, the political season is upon us.

So who are you voting for? Chances are you like someone already. Why did you choose them? Perhaps it was issues surrounding some moral issue or financial issue? You have someone in your mind you’ll like pull for. In fact, if you’re like 70% of American’s you’ll tell a friend, attempt to persuade them to your candidate, or even put up a yard sign! You’ll do all of that because of your belief and you want them to WIN!

In your sales territory how easy have you made it for your customers to campaign for you? Do your customers want you to WIN? There are six important items that will make it easy for your customer to spread the word about you in a positive way.

  1. Keep your DO – Say Ratio at 95% or higher. Easy to say and harder to do. Stay on time. Keep your word and most importantly follow up.
  2. Make your customer feel special! Invest the time to get to know him/her. Know what makes them tick both in their business and personal life.
  3. Do the unexpected. From time to time, find that information that you know will help them and send it to them. Use words like “I thought of you when I saw this.”
  4. Become their go-to- person for information and advice. This means that you have to become a great listener, reader and advisor!
  5. Stay humble. Success can taint hard work and humility.
  6. Ask for references. It’s amazing how many of your customers already like you and would tell others if you asked them to. Ask this question, “Have you valued my service this year? Would you be good enough to share that with one friend in the next week?”

Start today getting more and more of your customers to campaign for you. Who knows, you might just win in a landslide!

David Dam is President and Founder of ALTERRAIN. ALTERRAIN develops people and organizations to be more READY, more RIGHT and more RIGHT ON each day!

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